2005-12-29 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to the land trust

Jamestown is a very special place. I have just returned from a trip on our boat between Maine and Florida. Arriving in Jamestown we drove down North Road. To see the vista across the Neale Farm to the marsh and creek opened up by the Conanicut Island Land Trust was an absolute delight.

So many coastal communities between Maine and Florida have been ruined. Building is rampant. Houses are squeezed together. Former open space has vanished. The shoreline is dotted with docks so close together that sitting on the lawn affords a view of piers, not the water. Fudge and T-shirt shops dominate.

I want to thank the land trust for its efforts. With them and your support Jamestown will retain character. More importantly future generations will be able to enjoy on Conanicut Island the natural environment that is becoming so hard to find along the East Coast.

Martha Milot,


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