2005-12-29 / Letters to the Editor

Many helped with pageant

A beautiful evening presented itself for the 2005 Jamestown Christmas Pageant. With warmer than normal temperatures, a wonderful crowd gathered on lower Shoreby Hill to witness this very special Christmas Eve tradition. Shephards, Wisemen, and Angels appeared to observe the manger scene, while voices joined together in song as “Silent Night” and several other beautiful Christmas carols filled the night air.

Matt Bolles and Fred Brome played guitar while Marcia and Caitlin Brome led the chorus.

Readings, prayers, and blessings completed the evening with an occasional baa-ing from the Watson Farm sheep. A spectacular Christmas tree lit up the night sky as audience members expressed their glee at the lovely sight.

Many thanks to the players and participants of this meaningful event. Special thanks to Bill Munger and his crew for the beautiful tree lights and for spotlighting the production; Matt Bolles for his musical talent, for setting up the PA system, and for making the Community Center available for costume fittings and temporary storage; Martha Milot for costume assistance; Emmy Lutes and Lauren Marsh for songsheet and flashlight distribution; and the Minto family for the three co-operative sheep.

Sincere appreciation also goes to Ray Dunlevy, Jim McLoughlin, and Charlotte Richardson for sharing the readings and blessings with the large crowd; also Pageant Committee members, Mary Heath, Mary Waddington, and Don Richardson for their much needed assistance; and to Jeanne Bunkley, pageant founder and ongoing costume storage facilitator.

During such a busy and stressful time of year, it is a wonderful way to acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas.

Singing “Silent Night,” with stars brightly shining above and the Newport bridge glistening like diamonds, its reflection dancing on the bay. Surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Jamestowners taking in the Nativity scene, I was reminded of the abundance of blessings that exist, on so many levels, on this very special island, and I was grateful. Looking forward to next year.

Susan W. Lutes, pageant director

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