2005-12-29 / News

Blizzard of 2005

On the weekend of Jan. 23 and 24, the “second biggest snowfall” since weather statistics started being recorded about 100 years ago hit Jamestown and the surrounding area. The “Blizzard of 2005” dumped nearly two-feet of snow around the state, and the worst effects were felt out on Cape Cod, where some 32 inches of snow fell.

The storm began Saturday afternoon and lasted for approximately 24 hours.

Governor Donald Carcieri declared a state of emergency and asked that all schools and businesses be closed Monday so that towns could begin the cleanup without having to work around parked cars.

The timing of the storm was excellent, according to Jamestown Police Chief Thomas Tighe.

Because it occurred on a weekend, “nobody was stranded at work or trying to get home,” the chief said, and “there was plenty of warning.”

Roads were cleared within a day, but it took a couple of weeks to remove all the huge piles of snow that were clogging the village sidewalks.

One rescue call in the middle of the blizzard resulted in the birth of a baby. Tom and Stacey Chadronet of North Main Road became the proud parents of Claire Marie Chadronet at 9:31 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 23. Rescuers workers had to bring a backhoe to clear the long driveway before Stacey could be taken to Newport Hospital.

Claire Marie was nine days overdue and her mother was scheduled to enter the hospital Monday for an induced labor and delivery, Stacey said, but Claire Marie was apparently eager to see her first snowstorm, Stacey added.

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