2005-12-29 / News

Ambulance association organizes under new name

Last spring, the former Jamestown Ambulance Association became a newly-structured organization called the Jamestown Emergency Medical Services or JEMS.

Officers elected to run the new organization include Director Clement Napolitano, Deputy Director David Bento, Treasurer Marlene Murphy, Secretary Agnes Filkins, Administrator James Filkins, Supply Officer Lee Engle, and Training Officer Cheryl Serpa.

Napolitano said that there is a lot that is new about the JEMS, including shift pay for EMTs, drivers and crew, and also a new billing system to collect the cost of the runs from a patient’s insurance company.

The shift pay is paid for by a town allocation of $60,000 to the JEMS and parceled out to volunteers who commit to manning a shift.

Since July, the JEMS has been working with a medical billing company COMSTAR to collect payments from those residents who have health insurance.

“No one in town has to pay a co-pay,” Napolitano said, adding that if someone does not have medical insurance “the entire fee is waived.”

The approximate cost for an average ambulance run is $400, Napolitano said.

Those who are insured will have their information collected either while they are at the hospital or by mail after the trauma has occurred.

The Jamestown Ambulance Association began in 1941, under the local chapter of the American Red Cross. Beginning with the station wagon of Mrs. McCall Macleish, the association obtained its first ambulance in 1945 from U.S. Army surplus, and in 1949, the Red Cross turned the ambulance over to the town of Jamestown.

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