2006-01-05 / News

Fillmore objects given to historical society

Captain Fillmore’s telescope.. It is 12 inches long. Captain Fillmore’s telescope.. It is 12 inches long. The family of Captain Harry Fillmore has donated some of the his personal possessions to the Jamestown Historical Society.

Captain Fillmore was a captain of a Jamestown ferryboat starting in 1917. The donated objects include his brass telescope, a 10inch long model of an early ferryboat, “Jamestown,” made by a crew member for the Captain and a chowder serving ladle made by the captain.

Born in 1877, Fillmore was a holder of a master’s license for more than 60 years. He was a captain on yachts and tugboats before working for the Jamestown & Newport Ferry Boat Company. He also held a federal marine license that entitled him to pilot vessels of any tonnage.

Captain Fillmore lived on Union Street in Jamestown, was a state senator, and also served the town as the inspector of weights and measures. He died in 1967 at the age of 89.

The Jamestown Historical Society has begun an ambitious project of digitally photographing and documenting its archive collections of old photographs and objects. This project will provide copies in case the original items are lost or damaged.

The project will also make it easier to retrieve and research items to study and enjoy. The biggest benefit is that the archives will soon be accessible online at the historical society’s Web site.

The society owns about 1,000 objects, 4,000 old photographs, and many letters and pamphlets. Some 2,000 photos the society has digitally scanned can now be viewed on the Jamestown library computers.

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