2006-01-05 / News

Are you ready for a winter storm?

The American Red Cross suggests that everyone in the region start thinking about being prepared in case the area gets hit by a major winter storm.

They suggest that everyone assemble a disaster supplies kit to store in the home in case no one is able to get out for a few days.

The kit should include:

• A battery-powered NOAAWeather radio, flashlight, and extra batteries.

• Canned food and a can opener.

• Enough bottled water to provide at least one gallon per person per day, for three days.

• First-aid kit and essential prescription medications.

• Extra blankets for each member of the household.

• A warm coat, gloves or mittens, hat, and water-resistant boots for each member of the household.

When a winter storm watch is issued by NOAA, the Red Cross suggests that everyone:

• Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, local radio, and TV stations, or cable TV such as the Weather Channel for further updates.

• Be alert to changing weather conditions.

• Avoid unnecessary travel. For further information on being prepared for storms and other emergencies, go to the Web site at www.riredcross.org or www.noaa.gov.

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