2006-01-12 / Editorial

Changes in store for our island schools

There are fewer students attending the Jamestown schools these days, and it is going to have a major impact on the future of our island’s education system.

The Jamestown School Committee is currently reviewing how it can restructure the island schools to reduce budget expenses. The student population is dwindling, so the cost of operating the two schools must be trimmed.

Reducing the teaching staff numbers and making administrative changes are among the cost-saving measures under scrutiny. Several different proposals are being considered.

One idea is to merge the administrative services of the Jamestown schools with those of the Narragansett schools. The two school committees are meeting this Saturday to explore the idea.

It is important that parents and taxpayers alike pay attention to the process now underway. Input from the public is vital to making sure that the future of our island schools accurately reflects the needs of Jamestown residents.

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