2006-01-12 / Letters to the Editor

A big thankyou to more of Santa’s elves

A big thankyou to more of Santa’s elves

How quickly the holiday season comes upon us. Then poof, it’s over.

But, wow, it takes an endless team of volunteers working as individuals and in numerous groups and committees over many weeks to make it all happen.

I would like to extend a big thank-you to those individuals that helped me with the several pieces of “Christmas in Jamestown” that I chaired:

• Community tree cutting, transport and setup — Matt Largess, Steve Munger, Mark Baker, Steve Froberg, Mike Clark, Doug Chapman, and Dick Wing.

• Santa arrives by boat — Dick Allphin, Mo Mancini, Patti Campo, Agnes Filkins, Jim Filkins, Charlie Petit, Martina Baugh, and elves Sam Baugh, Dylan Rezendes, D. J. Lathan, Hailey Gardner, and all our other anonymous elves.

• Harbor Fire — Rick Anderson, Jack Brittain, Will Tuthill, Brian Campbell, Mike Swistak, Barbara Szepatowski, and the hauling crew at Conanicut Marine.

• Pageant manger construction — Dick Wing, Dave Swain, and Matt Largess.

• Shoreby Hill tree and pageant lighting — Rick Anderson, Jill Anderson, Jack’s Electric Crew, May Munger, and Pres Froberg.

Finally, I expect that you will see many of these same folks taking all of this down and putting it away somewhere for next year. Thank you all.

Bill Munger, Jamestown

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