2006-01-19 / Letters to the Editor

Comments clarified

After reading the article regarding the first six months of this Town Council’s term, I felt that needed to clarify the quotes that were attributed to me. First, would like to say that I have enjoyed serving on this council. All of the council members are professional, intelligent, and have the best interest of the community at heart. Even when we disagree on issues, and we do, we are still able to move productively forward with town business. In the article, it states that “thought I might dread serving the public.” I have never felt “dread” toward public service. If I did, would never have run for Town Council in the first place. I might have dreaded being on the last council though, with meetings regularly lasting until midnight.

I do have concerns, as do many people, about the development that has been and is occurring in the Shores. Hopefully, with the help of our state representatives we can work to fix some of the issues that are caused by overdevelopment. As far as gasoline leaks and spillage, my concern is that additives in gasoline may inadvertently end up in well supplies simply from driveways, accidental spillage, or negligent disposal. Some of these contaminates have already been identified in wells, MTBE in particular. believe that we can mitigate any possible issues relating to the citing and building of the highway facility at the transfer station through careful planning. As I have stated publicly, believe that we have neglected our town assets, including buildings and equipment. We have failed to maintain our buildings and facilities to a point that they are becoming liabilities. We need to be very prudent when budgeting and invest in our infrastructure so that we won’t need to rebuild. A few dollars saved in past budgets on maintaining our facilities will now cost us millions to rebuild them. Saving money by cutting maintenance is not responsible or fiscally prudent.

I am looking forward to the next 23 months and have confidence that this council can accomplish much.

Mike Schnack, Town Council member

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