2006-01-19 / News

New town administrator takes the reins in Jamestown

By Donna K. Drago

Bruce Keiser began his job Tuesday as Jamestown’s new town administrator, a job, he said, he hopes to have for a long time.

Keiser, who was most recently an administrator in the town of South Kingstown, said that he has been meeting all of the town’s department heads over the past two weeks, and he is learning about the issues that are in “the red zone,” of the island’s consciousness.

Getting a highway barn built, finishing the sewer line rehabilitation, and improving town facilities are among the first things he wanted to get up to speed on, he said.

On his new office, he said he likened the facility on Southwest Avenue to “an old-fashioned physicians office.” It had “a lot of character,” he noted.

On the town’s facilities in general, Keiser said, “They need some improvement.”

The town of South Kingstown is very focused on the quality and condition of its buildings, Keiser said.

He noted that even at the wastewater treatment building in South Kingstown “you could eat off the floor,” but he added, “not that you’d want to.”

“I hope to bring Jamestown up to that standard,” Keiser said, noting that the quality of a town’s facilities “reflects on the town,” and that “tax-payers like to see what the town is doing with their money.”

When he is not being a town administrator, Keiser is a married father of three grown daughters, and he also has a cat named “Moe,” which is the brother of a cat named “Tel.” The pair was adopted after being found at a motel, Keiser said.

He “loves all outdoor sports” and plays golf and tennis. He also skis, runs, and bicycles.

Is he a fitness nut? “Let’s say I believe in longevity,” Keiser said.

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