2006-02-02 / Editorial

Turn on the lights!

Jamestown is just too dark.

Nearly every public building and meeting place in Jamestown is a potential safety hazard because each has embarrassingly little lighting to help guide people to their doorways.

In wintertime especially, when every event is scheduled at a dark hour, sidewalks around town can be slippery, cracked, or strewn with fallen leaves, but who knows? Because of the poor lighting, it is impossible to see the hazards.

At Town Hall, the rear parking lot, entered from West Street, is a black hole and on Narragansett Avenue, in front of Town Hall are steps that can only be found by groping and navigating purely on instinct. The one meager bulb over the entry is hardly enough to create a safe situation.

Lawn Avenue, the street on which many people park to attend school events, is sorely lacking illumination, and people attending concerts and meetings must walk a great distance on black sidewalks before the dim light from the doorway meets their steps.

The library is no better.

While exterior fixtures exist, they are often left off in the evening, making travel between the building and the parking lot difficult at best.

It’s not just the public buildings that pose a hazard.

On the positive side, the designers of the Community Center re-hab a few years back took proper lighting into consideration, and it is the only building in Jamestown that feels welcoming and safe at night.

Lights make people feel safe. It’s time to light up Jamestown.

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