2006-02-02 / Letters to the Editor

Late islander was a good man

Longtime island resident Nigel Andrews, who recently passed away, was a wise, kind, gentle, and holy man.

Throughout his ministry of more than 50 years, he lived and taught by example the Christian principles that get only lip service from many in the world of today. Father Andrews worked for equality and justice and spoke against violence, greed, corruption, and bigotry. Many times during the final blessing of a church service, he would tell his flock, “Go into the world and hold fast to what is right, be of good courage, respect the dignity of all people, and never return evil for evil.”

The scope of his good works goes far beyond Rhode Island. Those who have heard him preach should consider themselves fortunate. Others, more fortunate still, knew him and his warm friendship and good council. They have been truly blessed.

Bob Bauer Jamestown

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