2006-02-02 / Letters to the Editor

Bad news for students

It is with great concern that I read the article published in the Jamestown Press dated Jan. 26 2006. In it, Prinicipal Gerry Foley states that due to lack of enrollment certain elective courses such as AP chemistry, physics, and French are to be eliminated from the curriculum. This is bad news for the students of Jamestown who plan to attend NK in the future.

I strongly encouraged my daughter, Camille Baker, to choose French in September 2005 when she entered ninth grade. Currently NKHS teaches French, Spanish and German.

If the high school chooses to drop French, it will greatly diminish the quality and the variety of teaching the students are able to get at NK, and it will most certainly encourage even more parents to flee to private schools where the students can study not only French, Spanish , German, but also Chinese and Latin. Those who cannot afford to go to private schools will unfortunately be left with a reduced choice.

I wonder what can be done in order to avoid this, encourage more students leaving eighth grade to pick up those threatened electives, combine classes and teachers?

I thank you for your time and attention .

Elisabeth Kneib


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