2006-02-02 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to many

When Mom’s (Diane Drown) Dad, George Noel Beaulieu II, “Mr. B,” took a risk and moved his family from Fairhaven, Mass., to Jamestown in 1966 to open his own pharmacy, most of his friends thought he was nuts. In 1966, Jamestown was a little known island that was mostly made up of farmland and his son George III would have to take a ferry to go to high school. Grandpa was unaware then how his decision to settle in Jamestown would positively impact the lives of his children, his grandchildren, and the rest of the Beaulieu clan going forward. My whole family is forever indebted to Grandpa for finding this jewel of an island.

Mom was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received once Mom was diagnosed with cancer. The community’s response to Mom losing her battle with cancer was a great example of how community action enriches the lives of others. We learned that the smallest token of support can have a huge impact. Dropping by with a casserole, sending a card, or sharing a personal experience comforted Mom and reminded her that she was not alone. The collective actions of friends, family, and strangers meant so much to my entire family and reassured us to know that so many other folks cared for Mom.

It is impossible to list all of the people who made Mom’s life easier during the past two months, but on behalf of the entire Beaulieu-Drown family, I would like to highlight those who basically dedicated their lives to supporting Mom as she coped with her illness. We would especially like to thank Luann Gosselin, Lewie Kitts, and Linda Kritner, who were there for Mom 24 hours a day. We would also like to thank Phyllis Bedard, attorney Kenny Bond, Tommy Conlon, Helen Davis, attorney Jeremy Howe, David Jamison, Patty Magner, Joe Mecurio, Monica Poole, Bill Tammelleo, the Jamestown Medical Fund, Dr. England and his staff, Keith Godena, and the Jamestown Ambulance Association. In addition, I would like to thank my employer, the American Federation of Teachers, which so generously supported my decision to take as much leave needed to care for Mom.

Finally, thank you to Saint Mark Church. Mom’s funeral Mass was wonderful, and thank you to Father Bouressa for his lovely homily. We also want to thank Father O’Neil and Mary Beth for so sweetly assisting us in planning the service.

We all are blessed to live in such a beautiful place with such a strong sense of kinship among residents. Our families will forever keep this experience in our hearts.

Rachel Drown Washington, D.C.

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