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Fitness for home and body

Katharine Winship and Rick Thurston. Katharine Winship and Rick Thurston. The owners of Sanctuary One, a new business in Jamestown, are looking to make people feel “at home in your body and at home in your dwelling.”

A new concept, Sanctuary One combines two existing businesses: Practical Movement and Thurston Design and Home Improvement, into a force that can help customers create spaces in their home that enhance wellbeing.

Rick Thurston is an inventor, designer, and problem solver who has been building since he was a child. He grew up in a family of sailmakers and one of his hobbies is restoring wooden boats. His fine finish carpentry can be found in many Rhode Island homes.

Thurston wants to help people turn their homes into places that feel “just right.” He said he wants people’s homes to be their sanctuaries.

Katharine Winship’s Practical Movement offers custom fitness training based on movements from the dance and fitness masters. She has been training clients to be strong, lean, and limber for the past 10 years.

Thurston and Winship plan to include other practitioners to enhance their offerings. A reflexologist, Margo Dussault, will soon launch a program which combines movement and reflexology with the goal of being master of your own body. AFeng Shui consultant, Normand Poulin, will also be on staff at Sanctuary One.

Visit Sanctuary One at 32 Pemberton Ave., just down the block from the Village Hearth bakery, for complimentary consultations Monday through Saturday. For more information call 560-0053 or e-mail Kwinship1@cox.net.

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