2006-02-02 / News

Wright talks about bullying in schools

Mary S. Wright, an educator and director of the Jamestown Community Theatre for many years, will present an interactive program and discussion on Bullying in Our Schools this Sunday, Feb. 5, at 11 a.m. at Central Baptist Church.

Wright will describe the successes and challenges of the GoFourth Project, a worldwide program she launched at the Rocky Hill School, which acquaints children with various cultures and teaches respect for differences in all cultures.

Wright will encourage conversation concerning behavior of children in the school environment, effective ways for teachers and parents to handle situations in which students feel unsafe in their environment, why children tease, and why some children become victims.

Adults, parents, teachers, administrators, teens, and children from 9 years old and up who are interested in hearing Mary Wright and becoming involved in this discussion are invited to attend.

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