2006-02-02 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The mystery person is no longer a mystery. She has

been saved from obscurity by family and friends, including Pete Drury, who wrote that the teacher second from the right in the top row was his aunt, Madeleine Drury, a sister-in-law of Violet Drury and Marguerite Murphy. Violet Drury was Pete’s mother. He added that Madeleine was also a cousin of islander Mary Frances Byerly.

“I’m not sure what grade she taught in 1944, but she taught in the Carr School. I have a hazy ‘recollect’ that she was a super substitute and taught several grades in 1944.”

In last week’s column, Mary Webster wondered about the present existence of the buildings in the background of the picture. Pete responded, “The more prominent house in the background is now the flower shop minus the front porch. My uncle Bill and aunt Mildred lived there. The house shown in the left of the photo was leveled in the early ’80s, filled in and is now the medical center.”

Eileen Tiexiera, whose maiden name is Drury, called to say the mystery person was indeed Madeleine Drury, her aunt. She said she taught the younger grades. Eileen has other relatives in the picture. Violet Drury, who Eileen confirmed as the kindergarten teacher, was her grandmother, and Marguerite Drury Murphy was her aunt. Eileen’s sister Kathy called in with the same information.

Patty Vandal e-mailed identification and said Madeleine lived at the corner of Howland Avenue and High Street, where Bud Head lives now. “Before she went back to teaching, she had a nursery school in her home. I attended her school as well as Neil McGrath, George Vieria, Bobby Clarke, Patty Caswell, and another girl whose last name was Clarke, but I can’t remember her first name.”

Fred Smyth wrote correctly ,naming seven of the teachers in the photo. He also answered our question of why Richard Hatch won’t go away.

“Richard Hatch is going away, 3 hots and a cot.”

Thanks to all who responded to the teachers’ identifications.

Now, what was the first name of the Clarke girl who went to nursery school with Patty Vandal?


The Rocket Dawgz have emerged from their winter dens and are sniffing around to decide whether or not to add the smell of pyrocellulose to the Conanicut Island air.

The Dawgz agreed it’s almost time and voted to put on another shoot, the 11th annual, at a date and place to be announced. Last year’s weather-interrupted spectacular was, in our jaundiced opinion, one of the best ever.

It also cost $16,000 and we currently have $1,116 in the bank.

This item officially marks the beginning of the 2006 Rocket Dawgz fund-raising season for pyrotechnic excellence in July.

Give us your money and we’ll blow it up. The address is easy, Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835. Write your checks to Fireworks Fund and join us in celebrating the birth of our great nation. KA-BOOM!!!


A visitor to the St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop last Saturday thought Shirley St. Germain has such good taste in winter coats that she took Shirley’s coat home with her. And, at a bargain. But it wasn’t for sale.

Just recently, Shirley, a volunteer worker at the shop, had purchased the new Michael Kors black woolen coat. When she went to work at the thrift shop Saturday morning, she hung the coat on a hanger in the sorting room that is supposedly out of bounds to customers.

There were four coats sold that morning, and Shirley’s was one of them. There was no way for the cashier to realize what was happening. It’s estimated that the sale took place about 10 a.m.

Anyway, Shirley would like it back and will reimburse the sale’s price. She can be reached at 4238096 or the coat can be returned to the Thrift Shop on a Tuesday or Saturday morning.

If there is some question about whether you have the right coat or not, there’s a pair of black leather gloves in the pocket.


With St. Valentine’s Day on the horizon, listen up out there.

Kim Ferguson wants, “Dinner alone with my husband.”

Laura Smith wishes, “Prince Charming would come and sweep me off my feet.”

Tony: “Karen wants just five hours at the Cathyrn Jamieson Salon.”


Congratulations to John Ragland, Jamestown School fifthgrader and the winner of the school’s 2006 Spelling Bee. He took the honor by spelling “isolationism.”

Runner up was fifth-grader James D’Alessandro.

Others participating were Danielle Broomfield, grade 5; Nick Lutes, Shay Reilly and Caitlin Schnack, grade 6; Anne Langan, Kaitlyn Marquis, Caia Diepenbrock and Philip Ryng, grade 7; and Matt Boyle, Racquelle Tanquay, Liz Rounds and Sarah Crowell, grade 8. Kudos to all!!


“This one is mine!!!” wrote Betty “Boop” Kinder: “I want to be loved by you, just you, an nobody else but you. I want to be loved by you alone, POO-POOPI DOO!!!”

A slight variation came from Barbara-Ann MacIntosh. “I want to be loved by you, just you, and nobody else will do. I want to be loved by you alone, Poo Poo Pa Do. Ah, the old songs.”

Patty Vandal had, “I want to be loved by you, just you, nobody else will do. I want to be loved by you tonight.” Patty didn’t try the Boop, Boop, Ba Doops. Charlie Masso e-mailed, “wanna be loved by you, just you, and nobody else but you. I wanna be loved by you alone, pooh pooh bee doo! Marilyn Monroe sang that in ‘Some Like it Hot,’” Charlie wrote.

Helen Zachadnyk phoned from Cumberland with what she said is the middle verse: “I couldn’t aspire to anything higher than to fill a desire to make you my own. I want to be kissed by you, nobody else but you. I want to be kissed by you, Boop Boop Be Do.”

So, we have a “Poo-Poo-PiDoo,” “Poo Poo Pa Do,” “pooh pooh bee doo,” and a Boop Boop Be Do. Sheet music anyone?


Dal Sharp called from East Greenwich and sang “Barney Google.” Thank heavens he knew only the one line.


Save those empty 2-liter clear soda bottles.

Jamestown School sixth-grader James Mastrostefano e-mailed that his class is working on a science project that has to do with ecological systems. “We are in need of many 2-liter clear bottles to observe what will be happening. Donations may be brought to the school on Lawn Avenue during school hours.

“On behalf of my class and the science teacher, we extend our thanks to all who are able to help.”


How many cops does it take to screw in a bulb at the base of the flag pole at the police station?


Include Fluffy in your emergency plans says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

Winter is, unfortunately, the most likely time for house fires, and pet owners should take a few precautions in case of emergency. Please be careful with wood stoves, space heaters, and especially candles because animals can potentially knock them over or burn themselves.

“Owners should also include their pets in fire evacuation plans. This means having quick access to leashes or carriers to gather up the pets (pillow cases work well in a pinch for smaller pets).

“Also, few shelters will take in animals due to health concerns so you should know of pet friendly hotels or friends and family who can take in your pets if needed. Practice evacuation routes to avoid confusion and know who is in charge of gathering up the pets so as to not waste time if there is an emergency.” Thank you, Doctor. Woof!


Jane Breakell was named to the dean’s list for the fall semester at Syracuse University. Jane is a senior policy studies and international relations major.

Islanders on the dean’s list at the University of New Hampshire are Michael Liberati, highest honors; Crystal Leonard and Laurel Post, high honors; and Robert Russ, honors. Kudos to all!!


We’re always pleased to report that some things never change. Ivory soap still floats.

*** “Somebody else ???”


Small world department!

In our Jan. 5 column, we wrote of the Christmas reunion of Dr. Joe Murray and John Casey after 60 years of separation.

On Jan. 16, we received an email from Dick Gallagher on the “left coast” referring to the column in the Press. He said as a boy he followed Joe’s and John’s sports exploits closely. He asked if we could send him their e-mail addresses.

Unfortunately, Dick’s address got scrambled, and we were unable to reach him.

Then last week, he called us on our cell phone, gave us his correct e-mail address and Beth Weisbust was able to get in touch with him on behalf of her dad, John Casey, and Dr. Murray.

During our telephone conversation, we quickly realized that the “left coast” Dick Gallagher is none other than Jamestown’s own Dick Gallagher vacationing in LaQuinta, Calif.

In an e-mail to Dr. Murray’s son, Link, Dick explained that he was a fan of Dr. Murray’s back in high school days. In the earlier column, it was mentioned that Joe Murray and John Casey played high school ball together in Milford, Mass. “I used to watch the baseball games from the bleachers at Milford Park or with my dad from my grandmother’s porch across the street. My parents were friends of your grandparents.”

He said he followed Dr. Murry’s career right up through the Nobel Prize (he performed the first kidney transplant), and was always proud to relate his distant connection to his medical colleagues.

“Now we are all Jamestowners. For me it is retirement. After some 40 years of medical practice (obstetrics and gynecology, mostly in Concord, Mass.), Julie and I have returned to the place of our meeting.”

*** Members of Boy Scout Troop 1 will travel to Camp Aquapaug Saturday to take part in the Klondike. According to Scoutmaster Dave Volpe, the Scouts compete as patrols in some 15 events, testing skills from fire building to first aid and always testing for teamwork and Scout spirit.

On Sunday, troop members are urged to wear their uniforms to church in observance of Scout Reverent Sunday.

Scouts of the Catholic faith are asked to meet in the basement of St. Mark at 9:30 a.m. to join Anthony Rafanelli and the Webelos of Cub Scout Pack 1 and attend the 10 a.m. Mass.


Next Wednesday is the day the Boy Scouts were founded in 1910.

Today is Groundhog Day. But never fear, spring will come either way.

*** Be true!


We welcome your contributions to this column. Call us at 4230383 or our cell 829-2760, e-mail us at jtnwalrus@hotmail.com, or drop the item off at the Jamestown Press.

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