2006-02-09 / Editorial


Your input needed

It seems like forever already that we’ve been arguing over where to build a new highway barn. The town crew has been working for years out of the dilapidated World War II structure at Ft. Wetherill.

We’ve looked at the wastewater treatment plant property, but that did not pass muster because of the high costs associated with that site. An alternative site for the highway barn, the town’s former landfill on the north end that is adjacent to the transfer station, also has its share of baggage. Neighboring landowners are afraid of what might happen to their wells.

Friday is the deadline for written public comments on the proposed town landfill closure, including its use for a new public works garage.

The state Department of Environmental Management must receive your statements by tomorrow, Feb. 10, at 4 p.m. if the comments are to be considered.

The comments need to be delivered to:

Chris Walusiak, RI DEM Office of Waste Management, 235 Promenade St. Providence, RI 02908

The comments may be faxed by tomorrow’s deadline to Walusiak at 222-3812.

Take the time to let the DEM know what you think.

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