2006-02-09 / News

Jamestown Hardware offers customer rewards

By Sam Bari

“Big store discounts with personalized, hometown service — that’s what our reward program is about,” said Scott Sherman of Jamestown True Value Hardware on Narragansett Avenue.

Steve Sherman, owner of the island hardware store since 1991, and his son Scott initiated the rewards program that is designed to give his customers reward points as well as additional discounts and specials for shopping at their store.

The program is in line with similar efforts used by national retailers.

Participation in the rewards program is free. After joining, every purchase earns points. When a customer accumulates 250 points, they receive a $10 coupon to be used against their next purchase. After joining, the first purchase earns double points.

Customers who include a valid e-mail address when completing their application receive an immediate $5 coupon. After applying, members receive a plastic card, similar to a credit card, and a keychain card that they present whenever they make a purchase. The card is swiped at the cash register, crediting points to their card commensurate with the size of the purchase.

Cardholders also receive additional rewards with in-store specials at a reduced rate available for members only. Every month 100 unadvertised items will be discounted just for cardholders.

“Customer service is our number one priority,” Scott said.

“Our customers like our personalized service and enjoy being recognized and addressed by their name. If we don’t have an item in stock, or if they need something that we don’t normally carry in our inventory, they know we will get it for them in just a couple of days,” he continued.

A hometown hardware store is a vital part of every rural community, “and we never want to lose that feeling when people come into our store,” Scott added.

Jamestown True Value Hardware has been serving the community for over 15 years.

“We don’t want our customers to have a reason to go anywhere else, and with our rewards program, delivery, and outstanding service, they have no reason to leave the island,” Scott said.

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