2006-02-09 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

It’s all love for the next few days at the Secret Garden.

Love expressed by that most beautiful of flowers, the rose.

Heidi Lessard, owner of the shop along with her two sisters, Holly Howard and Helenna Livernois, said they’ve been preparing for the past four weeks for the big day next Tuesday, St. Valentine’s Day.

How do they know how many roses to buy? “The day of the week it falls on makes a big difference. The trend in the weather, the economy, it’s an educated guess, Heidi explained.

Understandably, she wouldn’t tell us the volume she purchased this year, nor would she tell us the price. She did say she makes less on roses at Valentine’s Day than the rest of the year because the wholesalers hype the prices. “There’s no good reason that I can see. It’s just supply and demand. They charge us more than double other times of the year,” she said.

Though there has been no increase in the price of roses in the past four years, the cost will be up slightly this year.

The most popular rose order is for the flowers to be wrapped European style as opposed to being arranged in a vase. Roses arrive in batches of 25 and are then prepared for sale.

Heidi said the second most popular Valentine’s Day gift is a mixed vase with roses in it. The shop also prepares special presentations such as ones including candy with the flowers.

According to Heidi, the orders for Valentine’s Day began coming in two weeks ago. “But there are a lot of last-minute walk-ins,” she said, adding that she always enjoys “seeing the guy customers. They always make things interesting. It’s just fun.”

Heidi said that some flower shops turn people away when they can’t handle the orders. “In the nine years that we’ve been here, we’ve never turned anyone away.”

“The one thing I don’t like about Valentine’s Day is it’s one day. Everybody wants delivery at the same time. It’s one-day craziness,” Heidi said, comparing it with other holidays such as Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving, when there is much more leeway in delivery time.

“Valentine’s Day puts an unbelievable burden on the delivery staff.”

But the Secret Garden is ready. There’ll be two delivery trucks on the road all day Monday and four trucks on Tuesday. There’ll also be five members of the sales staff in the store on both days. Although the hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Heidi said that they’re usually there “much earlier and much later” leading up to the big day itself.

Oh, procrastinators take note. The Secret Garden will be open on Sunday this week.

And, what do you think Heidi gets for Valentine’s Day?

“No, my husband does not send me flowers. He takes me out for dinner when I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open.”


Post office letter carrier Charlie Sugalski was 50 years old last Thursday. Hugs, please.

Are those bags getting heavier Charlie?


It’s not too early to feed the Dawgz. Send us your money and we’ll blow it up. Make your check out to Fireworks Fund and send it to Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835. KaBoom!!


Pat Preiss called from just outside San Diego last week to identify Madeline Drury as our mystery teacher. Pat lived in Jamestown for 53 years and said she had many of the teachers in the picture. She said she recognized Madeline because she was a good friend of her mother’s. Pat is Bud Walsh’s sister.


And from Fresno came a call from Earl Hinckley, who left the island in 1943. He said he would like a copy of the photograph to add to his family tree. He is particularly interested in Hannah Caswell, who, he said, was a fifth-grade teacher at the Clark School and a close friend of his family. It seems Hannah lived with Earl’s grandparents, Marshall and Flora Hinckley.

He said he remembers the birth date of two of his classmates, Jonathan Bradley and John Westall, because they were both born on Feb. 22. Earl, 74, said he’s been back to Jamestown twice since 1943.


We had only one taker on last week’s lyrics. Helen Zachadnyk of Cumberland called with “Somebody else is taking my place, somebody else is in your embrace.” Must have been too easy.

How about this one. “If I had a nickel I know what I would do, ????????????.”


What percentage of the school budget actually goes to education?


More St.Valentine’s Day wishes:

“Lots and lots of chocolate,” said Sandy Paterson.

The same for Bethany Clarke, a “big box of Godiva chocolates.”

Roxy Smith is looking beyond February. “A beautiful, healthy granddaughter in April.”


Pets, like us humans, need a pat on the back once in a while, too, says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Remember to reinforce your pet’s good behavior with attention and praise. Do not fall into the trap of ignoring your pet when it behaves and only giving it attention when it misbehaves. This just encourages your canine to seek your attention by misbehaving.

“Puppies and new dogs will benefit from systematic socialization early on and getting used to new environments, different noises, and different types of people.

“Attend puppy or new dog socialization classes with your pet to learn more about your dog. Encourage your pet to play games with you. Different breeds and dogs respond to different games, so find out what your canine enjoys the best.”

Thank you, Doctor! Fetch or chess? Woof!!


It’s a night for people to socialize for the animals Monday, Feb. 13, from 6 to 8 at the Hyatt Regency in Newport.

The 33rd annual Potter League Have A Heart Cocktail Party and Auction, sponsored by BankNewport, will feature hors d’ouevres and desserts prepared by local restaurants.

Some 500 guests are expected to bid on items such as round trip airline tickets on Southwest, golf at Carnegie Abbey and Newport Country Club, an iPod, 15-inch flat panel television, a day of beauty at Spa Terre, and much, much more.

All proceeds raised go to support the animals, the shelter, and its programs.

Admission is $35 until tomorrow and $45 at the door. You can buy tickets online at www.potterleague. org or call Susan at 8468276, ext. 115.


With St. Patrick’s Day moving in rapidly, we ask our readers of Irish backgrounds to e-mail or call us and tell us what it means to be Irish and why we all want to be Irish on March 17. See my address at the bottom of the column.


With an emphasis on a goodneighbor policy, participants in this coming season’s Jamestown Baseball Association events are being urged to demonstrate “green” habits when utilizing the ball fields.

Tony Rafanelli said there will be an emphasis on the proper disposing of trash and the use of recycling bins. “Everyone will be reminded that recycling is the right thing to do. Players and coaches will ensure that dugouts and the playing fields are cleaned before and after each game.”

Tony added that everyone will be reminded to follow the parking regulations, parking cars only in allowable areas. “In this way, Jamestown baseball will demonstrate that it will take good care of its facilities and be a good neighbor,” he said.

He asks that anyone who would like to make a special donation to help defray the cost of recycling collection barrels, can do so by contacting him at 4233953. “We are looking at distributing two or three large bins in the concession stand and major league softball field areas and smaller bins throughout the remaining complex.”


Sunday is President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. He was born on that date in 1809.

Monday is the Snow Moon, Hunger Moon and Wolf Moon. Tuesday is that love day.

*** Be true!


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