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Northenders present engineer’s discussion

Northenders present engineer’s discussionEnvironmental engineering consulting firms which have worked with the North End Concerned Citizens over time will present a critique of both the town’s 50-percent highway barn design proposed for the Jamestown landfill and the proposed remediation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency CERCLIS listed of contaminated sites.

The presentation will made Sunday, March 5, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Portrugues American Citizens’ Club.

This open forum event is the North End Concerned Citizens’ informational counterpoint to the recent public workshop presentation by GZA engineering hired by the town.

Open questions, answers, and comments is the format. All citizens are invited, as is the Town Council and town officials. Food will be provided by the North End Concerned Citizens and open cash bar is available.

Last film in foreign series will be next week

The final film in the Friends of the Jamestown Library 2006 Foreign Film Series will be on Thursday, March 2, at 7 p.m. and it will be the Chinese film “Not One Less.”

“Not One Less” is the heartwarming tale of a 13-year-old girl, Wei Minzi (Wei), who is a substitute teacher living in a poor village in rural China. She is given a month-long assignment to teach a classroom of 28 students, ages 6 through 10, with instructions to make sure that all the students, “not one less,” stay in school. Wei approaches the job as any 13-year-old might — like a sullen teenager — but because she's close in age to her students, they respond to her with playful attentiveness.

The children, including Wei, are non-actors who play themselves. As the story goes, Zhang Huike (Zhang), the class troublemaker, is sent to the city to find work and pay off his parents' debts. Teacher Wei sets out to find him and bring him back. Wei puts herself on the line for her tiny school and its impoverished community, and miraculously, her message travels farther than she'd ever imagined it might. (Synopsis from Rottentomatoes. com). The movie is 106 minutes long.

The films are free and open to the public. Johnny Appleseed visits the library

The R.I. Tree Council will sponsor a program on Friday, April 21, at 2 p.m. during school vacation week.

The program will be an hour and a half long, starting with a welcome by a member of R.I. Tree Council, and a brief talk on the history of Arbor Day, and what the R.I. Tree Council has been doing to “recanopy” Rhode Island.

Materials will be on hand for people to learn more about our work, before and after the program.

The main feature of the program will be performed by storyteller Marc Levitt, playing Johnny Appleseed. “Gentle Hero” is a 45-minute 12-character performance that details the life of this American folklore hero. With humor, music and costuming, Mr. Levitt brings alive the real John Chapman without losing his mythical elements.

The program is for anyone from age 6 up.

The R.I. Tree Council will be celebrating National Arbor Day during the month of April, with tree plantings, programs, and presentations. Many municipalities, garden clubs, and community groups will be taking part, in our effort to raise awareness about the important role trees play in our cities and towns. R.I. Tree Council is proud to have revived the holiday in R.I., with a celebration in every town and city in the state.

Registration is not required for this free program, which will take place in the library meeting hall at 26 North Main Road in Jamestown.

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