2006-02-23 / Editorial

Demolition of the old Jamestown Bridge

Workers are moving quickly on the demolition of the old Jamestown Bridge. Anyone interested in the ongoing project might enjoy visiting the Web site that shows the demolition of the Grace Bridge last December in Charleston, S.C. The Jamestown Bridge design was based on Charleston bridge, which was built about 1929.

Visit www.oldcooperriverbridge.org. At this Web site you’ll find thumbnails for many links, which include photos and videos of the bridge being blown up.

Share your bridge memories

The Jamestown Historical Society is seeking anecdotes or family stories about the old Jamestown bridge. Those who would like to share their reminiscences should send them to the Jamestown Historical Society, PO Box 156, Jamestown, RI 02835. You may also e-mail SDMaden@aol.com. The deadline is March 10.

The first prize for the most special bridge memory submission will be a copy of the 1990 book, “The Jamestown Bridge, 1940-1990: From ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’ to Obsolescence.” This book is out of print. This week four copies were found for sale through the Web from secondhand dealers. The cost was $40 to $50 each.

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