2006-03-02 / Letters to the Editor

Keep our town safe for teens

As the teen program coordinator, I am extremely concerned with the recent behavior of several of our local teens. Last week, during February vacation, several incidents of destructive and violent behavior were witnessed in our community with the use of “air soft” pellet guns.

Students have been using these “toy guns” to shoot and intimidate their peers, shoot at passing vehicles, and on Friday a 14-year-old boy shot a girl in the back as she ran away from him. Several students have voiced their concern about not feeling safe walking through town, afraid of their own peers with these “safe, toy guns.” This fear needs to stop.

We cannot have our youth afraid to walk through our streets, threatened by their friends and peers with guns provided by adults. I know children have forever played gun games, but please speak with your kids if you allow them to use these types of “toys.” Our children need to be educated about the responsible use of their “toys” and the inherent danger and risks related to the improper use of weapons. Please address this issue before serious accidents occur, and help to keep Jamestown a safe community for everyone.

Melissa Minto, Jamestown teen coordinator

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