2006-03-02 / News

By Barbara Szepatowski

With the Marine Corp bugler playing taps and a rifle salute, Edna Schultz and her cat “Joe Louis” were laid to rest Monday in one of the most beautiful and touching ceremonies I have ever attended.

Never having attended a military burial, I was spellbound by the calling of the five names. The first four names were members of the military company in attendance, who responded immediately. After calling the fifth person’s name three times with no response, which was Edna’s, taps was played. With a send-off like that, I know Edna and Joe will rest in peace forever. “Joe2,” a big black, solid, double-pawed, friendly, neutered male cat is still awaiting a home. So please call if you can give him the type of love that Edna would have.

In shelter news, the project looks sad. Another week has gone by, and we can only report that the shelter roof has still not been completed. As a result, no additional work can commence. When you add in the wet floor and musty smell from the rain, it looks more like a scene from New Orleans. Our friend Jim Adams is back, he offered to donate the roofing supplies if we could get the roof moving. He was not happy that his pledge had not been met and the roof remains bare of shingles. The roofers we had are still stuck on their large Newport job.

Because we want to complete the actual construction labor for as little as possible, we had hoped that the roof would have been finished by now. We are also trying to do everything for free, since we would rather spend the donation money on animal care than construction.

So, this is our last week to plea for roofers. After this, we will have to pay someone to complete the job, to get the project back on track. The roofing job should not take much longer than a day, and we will feed you very well. We will also put your picture, and company’s name in the newspaper. So, if you’re a roofer and want to volunteer your time, please call us at 354-9200.

The new animal of overpopulation this week is the gerbil. Paws & Claws has eight male gerbils who all get along. We have numerous donated cages and would love to send a few here, a few there, and a few more someplace else. Believe it or not, next week we will receive 8 to 10 female gerbils, who also all get along. And no, we will not adopt out a male and a female together. That’s why there are 17 to 19 of them available for adoption right now.

Gerbils are good pets for kids over the age of 8. Some of ours are used to being handled while others are just there to watch. Gerbils are very cute, if you like the rodent look. They are clean, live two to threee years, and are very busy little animals. They should be adopted in at least a pair, as they are social, communal animals. Cages must be cleaned at least twice per week or they can be a bit odiferious. Please call Paws & Claws at 423-9677, if you are looking for a few great gerbils and a cage.

We have secured dates at Fort Getty for the two shelter fundraisers which were canceled last year due to the weather. Saturday, June 17, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., we will hold the Day at the Park. This pet themed event will include pet fortune telling, pet photographs, dog agility contests, pet and owner look-alike contests, and other silly but fun ways to enjoy a hopefully beautiful day with your kids, friends, and pets.

A more dignified event, the Doggie Black Tie Ball, will be held Saturday, July 7, from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. at the Fort Getty pavilion. All dogs must have formal attire to attend.

The evening will include a cocktail hour, sit down dinner for all, silent auction, and dancing, and I’m sure the opportunity to have your picture taken for the Society Page. If you’d like to volunteer for either event, please call 423-9677.

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