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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The campaign by Danielle and Erin Brown to collect

stuffed animals for Iraqi children is well underway with some 240 of the animals having been donated as of last weekend.

The 16-year-old twins’ mom, Lisa, said they mailed two boxes on Thursday and two on Friday. Each weighed 25 pounds and cost $10 each to ship to Iraq.

“Operation Share Bear” began when Lisa suggested the idea to her daughters after corresponding with family friend Army Capt. Josh Bandy who is serving there. He explained that he and his men will hand out the stuffed animals to Iraqi children, most of whom are destitute.

The Brown girls appealed to Jamestowners to donate their stuffed animals that are no longer being hugged.

In order to help with the collection, the animals can now be left at the Jamestown Press office, 42 Narragansett Ave., weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They can still be dropped off at the Brown residence, 5 Buoy St., and if you are unable to get them to the Press office, the Browns will pick them up. Call them at 560-0285.

An additional money donation will help with the postage.

Lisa explained that all the stuffed animals that come in are washed and air dried. She said they’re on counters and other flat surfaces throughout the house. They had just returned after buying new ribbons for the animals.

“It’s fun, everybody is involved,” she said.

She told of a girl, about 6, who came to her front door with two bags full of stuffed animals and a $10 bill. “I want to send my animals to Iraq,” she said to Lisa.

Two bags of smiles for children half a world away.


Have you noticed that Sam and Sandy Paterson have acquired a new aura about them?

That’s because they are going to be grandparents for the first time.

Their daughter, Kathryn Vollmer, and her husband, Devin, who live in New Marlborough in the Berkshires, are expecting on Sept. 17.

Sam is the island’s harbormaster and Sandy is head teller at Jamestown’s BankNewport. Lotsa hugs for both!


Five new members from Jamestown, one from Newport, two from Narragansett, and two from Providence have joined the voices of the Jamestown Community Chorus, bringing its membership to 56.

The new choristers are: Anna Harrison-Auld, Barbara Baynes, Diane Cardon, Cris Cobaugh, Pat Perry, Tessa Pybus, Tina Quackenbush, Lynn Vela, Doug Wilson, and Jessica Wilson.

The chorus is currently in rehearsals for its spring concert entitled “Love and Spirit” to be performed in the Central Baptist Church May 6 and 7.


If you’re planning to bring a second pet into your household, here’s some good advice from Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic for his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Introducing new pets to each other can be stressful. Always supervise your pets until you are absolutely sure they get along. Until then, separate your pets by confining at least one of them to its own room. Only allow them to interact with your supervision. It may take hours, days, weeks, or even months for your pets to adjust fully to one another and in some cases pets may be better off in single pet households.

“Keep dogs on leashes and do not allow dogs to chase or corner other pets even if it is out of playfulness or curiosity. When introducing a cat to a new pet do not hold the cat as a frightened pet may scratch to get away. Give your pets separate food and water bowls and feed in different locations to reduce competition. If you are introducing new cats, also provide separate litter boxes. Give them time and allow them to adjust at their own pace.” Thank you, Doctor.


KABOOM!! P.O Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835.


We admire the enthusiasm of the volunteers from the Seekonk Congregational Church in New Orleans last week cleaning out houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

But, why aren’t the homeowners doing it?


Kudos to islander Brendan McDevitt, a senior on the North Kingstown High School basketball team, who was named Athlete of the Week in Saturday’s Newport Daily News.

Brendan has progressed dramatically this year and steered his team into the playoffs.

North Kingstown Coach Aaron Thomas praised Brendan’s accomplishments particularly his emergence as a team leader.


Who made love on the stoop because it was the only place that they could be alone?


We had two of our granddaughters, Olivia, 9, and Summer, 7, spend Presidents’ Day vacation week with us.

Here is what we learned:

Olivia buys her fragrance at Victoria’s Secret.

Neither likes bratwurst.

Summer knows about Washington and Lincoln and that “a man in a tall hat” impersonating President Lincoln visited her school in Farmington, Conn. She also knows about President Bush and told us her mother voted for Kerry.

Girls that age fight a lot.

The TV show “American Idol” can be addictive.

Their favorite shopping destination is the St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop.

Children that age should not be allowed to watch MTV.

The reason Summer takes her handbag with her whereever she goes in the house is because she has candy in it.

If you’re going to order Chinese take-out, let the kids see the menu way in advance.

Go to bed early at night because you’re going to be up early in the morning.

They don’t walk inside the house, they run and skip.

They giggle a lot. It sure got quiet when they left. We miss them already.


These cold days are not for running, but you can bet that Jim Pemantell is out there getting in shape for next month’s Boston Marathon.

Jim is raising $3,000 for the Adeline LaPlante Memorial Center in Narragansett. The center provides therapy for children afflicted with autism and other disabilities. The money he receives will go into the field and not administration.

To help out the children served by the Center, make a check out to Adeline LaPlante Center and mail to Jim Pemantell, 224 Narragansett Ave., Jamestown 02835.


Today is our little brother’s birthday. Love you Bruce!

*** Be true!


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