2006-03-09 / Editorial


Time for Town Council

to make deer decision

Last week's Town Council workshop with the Wildlife Committee reflected the passion surrounding the subject of deer control on our island.

There is no argument that the deer have gotten out of hand as the population grows unchecked. Many islanders are concerned about their health, believing a large deer herd means greater risk of Lyme disease. Others are upset about the havoc the deer wreak on the gardens and landscaping surrounding their homes.

A difference of opinions arises over how to control the deer. Some say that hunting is the only way to curtail the herd growth because here the deer have no natural predators. There are Jamestowners who support hunting in general but do not want people shooting guns near their homes. For good reason, too.

The anti-hunting group wants to control the deer population by non-lethal methods. The downside to this approach seems to be the high cost and the lengthy amount of time for the methods to have an impact.

There are no easy choices. It is clear, however, that the time has come for the Town Council to make a decision in the matter.

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