2006-03-09 / News

Young designers earn architecture badges

Architect Ron DiMauro (right) talks with island girl scouts. Architect Ron DiMauro (right) talks with island girl scouts. Girl Scout Troop 647, lead by Linda Faria and Ana Rosa, chose local architectural firm Ron DiMauro Architects as the site to earn their troop's architecture badge. Leader Pam Storey did not attend the session.

Linda DiMauro, wife of Ron, who organized the event, said, "We had 16 young girls in our office all at once, but they were fantastic, and we had so much fun with them ."

"We gave them an actual design problem that we are working on right now. It was to develop interiors for a beach cottage at the Inn at Castle Hill in Newport, and they had to design the interior - not only the layout, but they had to select the furniture arrangement, the fabric for the couch and pillows, the floor material, the countertop material for the bathroom and kitchen, as well as paint colors for the room and ceiling," said Tyler Zagryn, head architect for the Castle Hill project.

Sue Stover explained that the group was separated into two teams and given a floor plan. Both teams chose an Ocean theme. "Everything matched and looked really good together," Stover said. "We were really impressed with the results and their parents should know what a great job they did," she added.

"It goes to show you that after 24 years of practicing architecture, I can always learn new things, Ron DiMauro said. "I am very proud of Troop 647, and I want their parents to know how talented their girls are. Every child will get a copy of their finished project," he said.

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