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DEM hears from town on no-discharge plans

By Sam Bari

Town Council liaison Julio DiGiando told the Harbor Management Commission last week that the council signed commission's letter opposing the state mandate requiring pump-out stickers on any vessel with sleeping accommodations. The letter was then sent to the state Department of Environmental Management.

At its regular March 8 meeting, Harbor Commission Chairman Michael deAngeli said the Harbor Masters Association of Rhode Island does not support the new law, which will become effective on June 1 of this year. However, except for North Kingstown, the other harbormasters attending the harbormasters' meeting said they would try to comply if the effective date is not postponed or if the law is not repealed.

David Greenberg, North Kingstown's harbormaster, said that North Kingstown will not participate in this program.

Harbor Commission Executive Director and Police Chief Thomas Tighe reported that $4,100 was received from the town's insurance carrier for the vandalized inflatable used by the harbormaster. The boat was deemed irreparable by the insurance company. Tighe said that bids are out with specs for a new inflatable with an enclosed wheelhouse and a hard-chine bottom. He also said they were exploring slightly larger boats to better serve the needs of the harbormaster.

Commissioner Rick Anderson asked if the bids included a new engine. Tighe said that the bid did not because the old engine was not damaged. Anderson suggested that a bigger boat could require a larger engine because the old engine would be inadequate. De Angeli pointed out that now was the time to make an adequate purchase because funds had been set aside for that purpose.

Budget Committee Chairman Chris Brown reported that the budget is "close to being finalized." Anderson suggested that funding for removal of abandoned mooring tackle be included in the budget. The commissioners briefly discussed the matter but made no decision. DeAngeli said the matter required more information concerning costs before it could be considered.

Anderson also said that he opposed the $10,000 expenditure to fund the Hull Cove walkway. He felt that the commission generated its own funding, and the money should be reserved for the harbor and related facilities. DeAngeli noted that rights-ofway are the responsibility of the commission, but noted that the town should maintain them. He read the directive that said the commission should seek outside funding to build access paths and walkways. Conservation Commission liaison Tom Johnson said there were groups willing to contribute but did not specify who they were.

DeAngeli asked the commissioners to vote on taking the Hull Cove project out of this year's budget and send it back to the Facilities Committee for consideration in the five-year plan. The motion was approved by 4-0.

In other business, Chief Tighe suggested holding off on approving the mooring rates until the budget was finished. DeAngeli motioned to give the Budget Committee permission to approve the rates for this year at the next budget meeting if they did not change. Otherwise, the matter would require a place on the agenda at the next commission meeting. The commissioners voted 4-0 for approval.

The harbor commission accepted the following state Coastal Resources Management Council Public Notices for Review:

+ Application of Carl Schweinshaut to construct a residential boating facility consisting of a 4by 198-foot fixed timber pier with a 4by 20-foot fixed access platform at 400 East Shore Rd.

+ Application of Stephanie Basile to construct a residential boating facility consisting of a 4by 244-foot fixed timber pier with a 4by 20-foot lower access platform at 28 Coulter St.

+ Application of Candice Noll to construct a residential boating facility consisting of a 4by 211foot fixed timber pier with a 4foot by 20-foot fixed lower access platform at 256 East Shore Rd.

+ Application of Stephen Mecca to construct a residential boating facility consisting of a 4by 200-foot fixed timber pier with a 4by 20-foot fixed lower access platform at 5 Aquidneck Court.

+ Application of Robert Halstead to construct a residential boating facility consisting of a 4by 202-foot fixed timber pier with a 3by 25-foot ramp, a 10by 15foot float, and two tie-off piles incorporating a boat lift at 1151 North Main Rd.

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