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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The Boy Scouts of Troop 1 on their March winter camp out. The Boy Scouts of Troop 1 on their March winter camp out. Island composer Bill Karl's latest work "Autumn to

Spring" will be heard for the first time at the Jamestown Community Chorus' spring concert in May.

Bill said he wrote the lyrics over the Christmas and New Year holidays during a five-week stay in Texas. "I had the melody from years ago. It was just there, not doing anything. After I finished the lyrics, I ran it out as a chorale piece," he explained.

He said it is written for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass accompanied by piano. "The first verse is about autumn and the birds leaving and snow arriving. The second verse describes the winter and home and cozy firesides, and finally the third verse speaks of renewal, the birds returning and earth reborn," Bill said.

"Autumn to Spring" will be sung by a small ensemble.

Bill's composition entitled "Prayer For Peace" was performed for the first time by the chorus at the group's fall concert and at the Rhode Island Festival Chorus' concert last year.

At the May concert, the small ensemble will also sing "Song of the Burn," by Scottish composer Thea Musgrave.

Chorus Director B.J. Whitehouse has selected other compositions welcoming spring and the seasons to follow. Marion Gomez , the chorus' publicist, says the music describes "the awakening of flowers, the stars of the night, and the sounds of the owl and the nightingale, as well as romantic and pastoral madrigals and English folk songs."

Entitled "Love and Spirit," the concert will be presented at the Central Baptist Church on May 6 and 7.

Tickets, at $10 for adults and $6 for seniors and children, can be purchased beginning in April at Baker's Pharmacy, Jamestown Hardware, the Secret Garden, and from chorus members.

Questions? Call 423-1574 or visit www.jamestownri.com/chorus. SING OUT!!!


Speaking of B.J., he told us he was checking out the new staging installation for the return of the ospreys in the creek last week when he spotted a bald eagle in a nearby tree looking down on him.

Must be advance security for the ospreys.


Send the Rocket Dawgz your money and they'll blow it up. KABOOM!! P.O. Box 1776, Jamestown 02835.


Danielle Brown, who with her 16-year-old twin sister, Erin, began "Operation Share Bear" to send stuffed animals to the children of Iraq told us that up until last Saturday islanders have donated 1,023 of the animals.

"Last Thursday, someone dropped off on our porch three large bags containing four huge stuffed rabbits," she said, adding that they haven't figured out yet how to ship them. As of last weekend, some 20 boxes have been sent to Iraq.

Asked how she thought everything was going, she replied that she is "overwhelmed" with the response. Great job, girls.


One of the good things about winter is there are few insects to annoy our 9-year-old valhund. However, Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic says that's about to end.

"Upcoming warm weather means that fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are going to be out in force. As annoying as they are for us, our pets are just as susceptible and depend on you for their protection. Mosquitoes can transmit heartworms unless your dog is protected on a monthly basis (either oral tablets or topical Revolution brand).

"Ticks are very common in this area and besides topical preventatives or tick collars, checking over your pets when they come inside might help you catch some of these creepy-crawlies before they can climb off your pet and onto you!

"Finally, if fleas are allowed to bite and multiply then that can lead to fleas in your house, in your rugs, and biting your legs, not to mention the itching and irritation to your pet! The best medicine is definitely a monthly topical flea and tick medication to keep those biters under control from now till next winter." Thanks, Dr. Hatch! WOOF!!


Boy Scouts of Troop 1 led by Assistant Scoutmaster Glen Hopkins headed over to the Newport Gun Club Saturday to earn their Rifle Shooting Merit Badges.

The sharpshooters included Devon McMaster, Dylan Walsh, Josh Nolan, Nick Fay, Nathaniel Hopkins, Hayden Maclean, James Perry, Eric Archibald, Sam Baugh, Ben Normand, Cameron Toppa, Kyle Wright, Sal Morenzi, Madison Hansen and Sean Corey.

Adults assisting Glen were Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Adam DiLuglio and Michael Perry.

The troop has been busy this month. Members spent the first weekend in March camped out at Camp Yawgoog along with guests from Cub Scout Pack 1.

The Scouts worked on their advancements and under the leadership of troop members Drew Matley and John Chase hiked around the camp learning the use of the global positioning system. Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said it was also a good opportunity to show the new Scouts the layout of the Scout reservation.

Saturday night the scouts feasted on homemade pizzas and fresh vegetables and doughboys.

Troop members attending in addition to Dave, Drew and John were Brian Volpe, Adam DiLuglio, Sal Morenzi, Devon McMaster, Dylan Walsh, Ben Normand, Eric Archibald, Cameron Toppa, Kevin Flanagan, Vaughn Nelson-Lee, Josh Nolan, Hayden Maclean, Nick Fay and Sam Baugh.

Webelos from Pack 1 were Matt Rafanelli, Nicolas Rienzo, Brian Page, and Drew McIntyre.

Adult leaders helping Dave were Diane Archibald and Sue Fay, plus Anthony Rafanelli and other parents of the Webelos. Great job, guys!!!


It's good to see Cool Moose Party leader Robert Healy back in the race for lieutenant governor. His re-appearance every election year may be wearing thin, but he's a reminder that there are some honest people out there with some common sense. But they'll never get elected in this state.


Let's see. There was a week off from school last month for winter vacation. Last Friday, the school was closed again, this time for "Teacher Development." Why couldn't they do the development stuff during the vacation week? Just asking.


Don't know if you've noticed, but we've been in a mini drought this month. Does that portend another of those long, dry summers? Might be time for the "We're Out of Water Again Committee" to gather.


Kudos to two islander members of the North Kingstown High School wrestling teams who brought home trophies from state freshman and junior varsity tournaments.

Sophomore Chris Clarke took first place in the junior varsity 103-pound competition and Jeremy Wigton, sophomore, won fourth place in the 112-pound junior varsity matches.


Whoops!!! We had an incorrect name in our column last week. The head of the Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force on the island is Laura Hosley.


A reader called and complained about the poor condition of the flag at the Community Center. It does look shabby.


Friday the 31st is the deadline for donations to Jim Pemantell for his participation in the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Adeline LaPlante Memorial Center. The center provides inhome therapy for children affliced with autism and other disabilities.

Send Jim to Boston with his goal of $3,000 in hand. Make your check out to the center and send it to Jim at 224 Narragansett Ave. Jamestown, RI 02835.

*** Be true!


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