2006-03-30 / Letters to the Editor

Week of the Young Child

There are more than 35 million children from birth through age eight in this country. The early years are a crucial time for their growth and development, and a time when we help children prepare to succeed in school and in life.

April 2 through 8 is the Week of the Young Child, a time to recognize the needs of young children, and thank the adults involved in their education and care. Parents, teachers, caregivers, and other adults play important roles in the lives of young children, and the Week of the Young Child celebrates their efforts.

Early education programs - including child care, Head Start, preschools, and elementary schools - provide crucial learning experiences for many young children. Supporting these programs is the right choice for children.

Every adult in this community has opportunities to make a difference, from volunteering at a local program to supporting efforts that help more young children benefit from quality early education. Week of the Young Child is a good time for all of us to acknowledge the needs of children, and work together to build better futures for all children.

At the Jamestown Early Learning Center, we will be celebrating with family activities, including a Kick Off Breakfast, as well as a celebrity guest reader and a buddy program pairing preschoolers with toddlers.

Terri North, director, Jamestown Early Learning Center

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