2006-03-30 / News

Make your dog

By Barbara Szepatowski

Can't you hear it? "I'm going to be number one." "No, I am." "No, I am." In a state were our residents are fixated with low license plate numbers, how can we not expect the same behavior from our dogs? Well, we have it, Jamestown dog license No. 1! It can be your dog's new, prestigious "in" to the world of high-end parties and doggie playdates.

Thanks to some wonderful town employees: Steve Goslee, our public works director, whose dog has held the number one license for many years; Bruce Keiser, our new town administrator, who said yes to our crazy request and probably wondered why he left South Kingstown; Tina Collins, the town's finance director, who gives us the biggest smile when we ask our crazy questions, but who quickly checked to make sure we could offer the license; and Kim Turcone, our deputy town clerk, who laughed when we begged her not to issue the license until we could pull off this heist.

Want it? Whose dog wouldn't? We can't offer the license for sale, however. We do have a beautiful, Egyptianstyle bronze dog holding a plate which just happens to hold dog license No. 1 with a lovely collar. During April, we will display this distinctive dog treasure in various locations throughout town. With it will be a bid sheet where you can place your name and the tax deductible donation for the animal shelter.

The license will be granted for one year and includes a spot in the Memorial Day Parade, and other important "doggie photo ops." Who knows, it might lead to your dog on the cover of "Town and Doggie Country," or at least the Jamestown Press.

Shelter news

After weeks of promises, the roof will finally be going on. Last weekend, a very serious young man walked into Paws & Claws and offered his services to finish the one task that is holding up the rest of the building. Thanks to Jamestowner Matt Verrier and his company, the roof and skylights should be completed next weekend.

We also want to give a big hug and thank-you to Kelly Rafferty, a veterinarian technician at the Jamestown Animal Hospital. Last Saturday, she introduced us to Reynolds Builders of Newport, who install cellulose and polyurethane foam insulation. Geoff Reynolds is Kelley's boyfriend and the nicest guy you could meet. He offered to insulate the shelter once the plumbing and wiring are completed. Thank you to both.

We are in the final planning stages of the shelter construction. There are still a few big needs on our wish list. They include Home Depot Gift Certificates for lumber and odds and ends of construction materials, two large double-hung thermopane windows for the east side of the building, a thermopane picture window for the front of building, and a second thermopane double-hung window also for the front of the building.

Thank-you to all who have contributed to date.

Animal legislation

Over the last few years there have been numerous cases of animal cruelty in Rhode Island. In all but one or two cases, the people were given nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Last Thursday, a hearing was held before the Statehouse Judiciary Committee to allow the presentation of Rep. Trillo's House Bill No. 7527. "This Act would increase the fine for cruelty to animals to $10,000 and make the section apply to all persons age 14 and over." Although the testimony was compelling, we never know if a bill will move out of committee. Contact the following members of this committee if you agree with this bill: Chairman Donald J. Lally Jr., Vice Chairman Fausto C. Anguilla, and Vice Chairperson Timothy A. Williamson.

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