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This week in Island history

Compiled by Sue Maden Week of April 6

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago from the Newport Daily News comes from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 3, 1906:

Mr. A.M. Bailey of Hope Valley, who conducted a market here for ten years before moving to the west part of the state, is in town today, renewing old acquaintances.

Barge William H. McCleave arrived here this morning with a cargo of pea coal for the Ferry company. This, with the load recently discharged from barge James E. Mulholland, will give the company more than 1,000 tons of coal on hand.

Tomorrow will probably be the quietest town meeting experienced here in years. As according to the present law only the town officers can be voted for and they are unopposed, being the same without exception who now hold office.

From the Newport Daily News, April 5, 1906:

So little interest was manifested in yesterday's town meeting that only 51 of the total number of 256 qualified voters visited the polls.

From the Newport Daily News, April 9, 1906:

The proposition to appropriate $6,000 for a building of the fire department was brought up, causing the only protracted contest of the day (at the financial town meeting). . . . (So) little interest was taken that only 89 of the 167 voters qualified cast their ballots, the appropriation being lost by a vote of 49 to 40.

A small gathering was attracted by the auction of the Bay View House at noon today, but among the number there was not a prospective buyer.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 1, 1931:

There was a meeting during the assembly hour at the Thomas H. Clarke school yesterday of the Basketry Club, the Study Club, Newspaper Club and Dramatic Club, with the different leaders in charge.

From the Newport Daily News, April 2, 1931:

Although yesterday was one of the stormiest election days ever recorded in Jamestown, a large vote was polled, and the Republicans were swept into office by good majorities with but two exceptions. The total vote cast was 718, the straight Republican tickets numbered 276 and the straight Democratic tickets 201.

From the Newport Daily News, April 3, 1931:

At a recent meeting of fire wardens, it was voted to ask for an increase of $1,500 at the financial town meeting tomorrow, as a salary for a driver, to be stationed permanently at the central engine house on Narragansett avenue.

From the Newport Daily News, April 6, 1931:

Jamestown adopted a budget $18,300 less than that for the past year, at Saturday's town meeting, allowing the tax rate to remain the same, $20 per $1,000. The bottom line of the budget was $112,309.

From the Newport Daily News, April 9, 1931:

(At a Town Council meeting) Chester J. Greene was appointed chief of police, salary $140 per month.

Messrs. Ferdinand Armbrust and Leroy F. Meredith have leased for a term of years the Palace Theatre on Narragansett avenue to W.C. Purcell of Fall River, manager of the Academy of Music of that city. Mr. Purcell is already making extensive improvements and redecorating. He will have a new ticket office at the entrance and will have talking pictures.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 6, 1956:

A bill providing that Jamestown traffic offenders who do want to appear in First District County in Newport may pay their fines directly to the police chief, was introduced yesterday in the House of Representatives by Rep. John J. Wrenn of Providence.

From the Newport Daily News, April 7, 1956:

The House yesterday received a bill appropriating $58,200 to make up the operating deficit of the Jamestown Ferry Authority. . . . The deficiency bill is necessary, it was explained, because the ferry system failed to earn enough last year to cover its expenses.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, April 2, 1981:

A contract was signed at Jamestown Windmill Wednesday afternoon for the continued restoration of the historic mill built in 1787.

From the Newport Daily News, April 8, 1981:

A hurricane plan for Jamestown will be acted on (at) the April 13 Town Council meeting. Jamestown Civil Defense Director Jay Cantrell explained the plan Monday at a work session. . . . The last plan was written in 1976, but the council took no action on a proclamation establishing the Jamestown Civil Preparedness Agency.

From the Newport Daily News, April 9, 1981:

A program on how a "neighborhood watch" operates to prevent crime was sponsored Wednesday night at the Jamestown Theatre by the Jamestown Taxpayers Association and the Police Department.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, April 4, 1991:

The Town Council may consider adopting a wastewater management ordinance as a solution to the Island's septic system problems. The town may also start an education program to teach homeowners how to keep their individual sewage disposal systems (ISDS) in good working order.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, April 4, 1996:

Interest in Jamestown real estate has blossomed with the spring. Brokers say there are a number of factors that have caused the local market to heat up. (Mentioned were low interest rates, the Navy relocating NUWC, a low tax rate, growing confidence in the economy, completion of new the Jamestown Bridge and cross-island expressway, and weather.)

The municipal well located just south of North Pond reservoir has been producing 72,000 gallons of water a day for the past week with little drop in its water level.

Is it true that Dunkin' Donuts is coming to Jamestown?

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