2006-04-06 / Letters to the Editor

Alternatives to hunting

Regarding the article in the March 16 edition of the Press, on the Wildlife Committee's report and recommendations on the large deer population on Jamestown, I have a few comments.

They seem to focus primarily on hunting with no in-depth consideration of alternative measures to deal with Lyme disease, ticks, gardens, and landscaping damage and other important concerns, dismissing these as too time-consuming, too expensive or impossible.

Hunting is not the answer and will not cut the deer population significantly any time soon.

We need to work on the problems in other ways as soon as we can to lessen the impact of Lyme disease, on us, etc., and to make it easier for us to live with deer. the state Department of Environmental Management and the hunting community emphasize the problems and a looming crisis to justify their heavy promotion of the "sport" of hunting being the imperative course to take. I have learned by reading up on the subject, that deer ecology and population dynamics are complex. There are too many variables involved to predict herd size well.

Some communities have used alternative ways to mitigate deer situations similar to ours. In my opinion it would be in the town's interest to further investigate the ways other places co-exist with deer and minimize the problems.

The Humane Society of Jamestown has a good deal of information now and would be glad to help obtaining more.

Joan Stickley


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