2006-04-13 / Editorial

The old Jamestown Bridge


Graced against a solemn sky Slowly stripped of your pride. Piece by piece placed on a barge, Pulling off your very heart. Marked for demolition Your lifeblood all but gone. Traveled now by workers, Dismantling memories.

A newer version Took your place, Your next of kin Built to the north. No more cars Thump your grates. There'll be no more trucks To test your strength.

Standing tall against the sky, So much history, so much time, Decades have streamed quickly by.

Strong arcs of steel and stone Had ended days of ferryboats. You'll join them soon in history, Remembered in our books. Saved for stories, The days of old, When one tall bridge Connected towns.

Pictures, postcards bear your strength, They'll tell your tales of vigilance. Replaced but not forgotten, Forever in our hearts. You may not grace our travel plans, But we will all remember when...

Steel towers kept a watchful eye, Greeting all the passers-by, The time has come to say goodbye.

- Jessie Dutra

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