2006-04-13 / Front Page

Noise, dust, and detours will impact village this spring

By Donna K. Drago

Work will begin Monday, April 17, on a project to replace the municipal water main under Narragansett Avenue in the town's business district.

Public Works Director Steve Goslee said the work will result in the closing of entire street blocks during the project that is scheduled to continue until July 4.

The waterline replacement will be done by C.B. Utility Co., a Bristol firm that has done work on the sewer lines in the West Ferry neighborhood in the 1980s, Goslee said.

The company is under contract to complete the section between Conanicus Avenue and Coronado Street by Memorial Day, and the the firm is expected to have the western end of the project, between Coronado Street and North Main Road, finished by July 4.

There are penalties built into the contract if the work is not done in time, Goslee said.

The first block to be shut down will be between Conanicus Avenue and Green Lane, he said.

With each section, heavy equipment will dig up a threeand a-half-foot trench on the north side of Narragansett Avenue, where the aging 6-inch pipe will be replaced with a new 12-inch diameter pipe made of ductile iron, Goslee said. Then the water mains to each building on both the north and south sides of the street will be replaced as part of the contract.

C.B. Utility plans to begin work between 7 and 7:30 a.m. each morning and will wrap up at 4 p.m., Goslee said, adding that the section of street that was closed off during the work hours will reopen to traffic in the evening. Work will not be done on rainy days, Goslee said.

Goslee said that during the project the police will be out to detour traffic around the road work. There will be no parking allowed in the sections that are being worked on, but Goslee said that people can park at the Town Hall in addition to any available street spots in other areas of Narragansett Avenue. The municipal parking lot, just east of 28 Narragansett Ave. will be closed while work is being done on the Conanicus Avenue to Green Lane block, Goslee said.

Sidewalks allowing access to businesses will remain open while the work is ongoing, Goslee said.

Because it has been recently dug up for other projects, it will not be necessary to have an archaeologist oversee the work between East Ferry and Coronado Street. However, archaeologists will oversee all digging on the western end of the project, Coronado street to North Main Road, to look for Native American artifacts and possible Native American burial sites, which have been found during previous Jamestown road projects.

If a burial is found, "there's a protocol we follow," Goslee said, adding that the work is stopped, and the Narragansett Indian tribe and the state medical examiner are called to the site.

Because water pipe can be bent, Goslee said if something is found, the project can continue, even on the other side of the street if necessary.

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