2006-04-13 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

That magnificent, mysterious, miracle meat that has

Troop 92 Scouts went to Roger Williams University for the April 1 kick-off of Project Undercover. Behind the Scouts are the NiRoPe brothers from the Cardi's furniture store commercials. Troop 92 Scouts went to Roger Williams University for the April 1 kick-off of Project Undercover. Behind the Scouts are the NiRoPe brothers from the Cardi's furniture store commercials. sustained generations of Americans through wars, floods, earthquakes and was the unheralded mainstay of millions of lunch pails through the years will be the centerpiece of a fund-raiser Sunday, April 30, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Holy Ghost Hall of the Portuguese American Citizens Club.

Called the Spam Jam Benefit, the event will raise money for islander Laura Brown and former Jamestowner Jim Rocha who has deep roots here. Both families have medical expenses from dealing with cancer treatment.

All ages are welcome to come and enjoy music, dancing, a silent auction and food.

Live music will be provided by Jametown's own Slackmasters, who will play their original compositions, the Acappella Trio of North Kingstown High School, and the 15-piece ROMPS (Retired Old Musicians Playing Swing). You remember swing.

Refreshments will include macaroni and cheese and Spam plus assorted Spam hors d'oeuvres prepared by island restaurants.

A highlight of the afternoon will be the Springfest Spam Sculptures Contest. Entrants can use from one to six cans of Spam for their works. There are two age groups, 14 and under and 15 and up. Contestants can decorate the miracle meat however they want. X-rated sculptures will not be tolerated. The contest registration fee is $10 and entry forms can be obtained at the Cathryn Jamison Salon, 16 Narragansett Ave. There will be cash prizes.

Judges for the contest are Michael Rembijas, inventor of Spam Wellington, cancer survivor and Queen of Spam Mary Frances Byerly, and the Walrus, who was brought up on the delicacy and prefers it fried.

The benefit is being coordinated by the staff at Cathryn Jamison Salon headed by Cathryn herself.

"We dare you to come," she said, "spend the afternoon, and enjoy the music and food."

Admission is $20 each for adults and $10 for kids 12 and under.

Questions? Call the salon at 423-0905.

If you're unable to attend the Spam Jam and would like to donate to Laura and Jim, make your check out to Bank of America and send it to the salon at 16 Narragansett Ave. Spam for life! ***

This year's Fourth of July fireworks spectacular will be on, pause, more pause, still more pause - the Fourth of July.

This is the first year the Rocket Dawgz have had an opportunity to present the display on the actual holiday. With permission from the town, the event will take place on the beach at Mackerel Cove.

Contributions are running well behind last year. The Dawgz are down $4,000 from where they were this time a year ago. We blew up $15,000 of your money last year, and hopefully we can top that sum with the display being on the actual date in July. That means we have to go for $15,000 between now and the Fourth.

Doing their bit to get us there with their donations last week are Bob and Betty Kinder of Ledge Road and Francele Boyer of Whale Rock Road. Francele has donated each of the last 11 years.

Send us your money so we can blow it up! Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835. KABOOM!


You get a sense of Rhode Island news coverage and provincialism when for two days last week on radio news breaks Meredith Vieira was the lead story.

*** What's Easter without an Easter egg hunt? The Jamestown Women's Club is loading up the Shoreby Hill Green with eggs and candy for your young ones to fight over Saturday, April 15, beginning at 10 a.m. exactly.

It will happen rain or shine. Bring your own containers to carry off the goodies.


A real treat is in store for music lovers this month and next when the Jamestown Community Piano group offers two free concerts at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church on Narragansett Avenue.

On Friday evening, April 28, at 7:30, pianist Nancy Nicholson, and tenor Eric Bronner will perform and their theme will be By the Sea. Nicholson will include further impressions of the ocean in her program, and Bronner will feature settings of sea chanties. Both were part of the trio known as Music for a While that was active here for some 11 years.

Helen A. Richardson of the piano group said that the second concert will be given by Manabu Takasawa on Sunday, May 14, at 4 p.m. "The pianist's talent was greatly appreciated at his appearance here some three years ago. He is assistant professor of music at URI and will include selections by Chopin, Beethoven, Grieg, Rachmaninoff and Schubert in his program," Helen said.

She went on to explain that her piano group was instrumental in raising the funds to purchase the fine Schimmel piano that will be shown off during these concerts. "The instrument has already proven its worth to the community by being available for student recitals, and varied concerts," she added.


Let's try this one more time.

Only the president of the United States can order American flags to be placed at half staff. A governor can order only state flags to half staff.


Let's see now. Another 10-day long school vacation begins tomorrow. Are these perhaps the times when the child being left behind catches up?


When we opened our back door early one morning last week, we knew summer was around the corner. The odor of skunk greeted our Vallhund Joshua as he went about his early morning routine. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic tells us in his Pet Tip of the Week what we would have had to do had we had a closer encounter.

"If your precious pets get sprayed by a skunk, first make sure they are physically okay. If they have any wounds, contact your veterinarian and have them checked out and make sure they are current on their rabies vaccine.

"Then check Fluffy's nose and eyes and clean them with a wet cloth. If the eyes take a direct hit or are painful, then a visit to the vet is called for. Next, you will want the smell out of the fur. One way is to use tomato juice and work it into the coat. Let it stay on for five minutes and then rinse well. You may want to then shampoo Fluffy with normal pet shampoo.

"Another method is to mix equal parts three percent hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid dish soap and use it as a shampoo with water. Repeat as necessary and be sure to dry your pet off well after rinsing especially if it is chilly outside."

From one Josh to another: WOOF!


The old bridge isn't going down without a fight.


If you think there won't be a big turnout for the explosives on the 18th, think again. The media is playing it as the event of the century.


The Brownies of Jamestown Troop 92 are engaged in some undercover work.

Troop Leader Stacey Martin explained that her Scouts have set up a Project Undercover service project, a council-wide drive to collect socks, underwear, and diapers for children in need in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. "We have drop-off locations at the school on Melrose Avenue and the Jamestown Police Station until the end of this month. To get motivated for the project, several girls from our troop attended the Project Undercover Kickoff at Roger Williams University," Stacey said.

In other activities, the Brownies traveled to Dame Farm in Johnston for apple-picking and to the Newport Yachting Center for ice skating. The troop has helped people relocating to Middletown after Hurricane Katrina, donated coats to people in need in the state, and baked and sang for our Jamestown seniors during the holidays.

Using funds raised through Girl Scout cookie sales, the troop will be going horseback riding this month.

Troop members are Abigail Jackson, Aliza Gomez, Caitlyn Stowe, Caroline Cote, Catherine Caswell, Cyanna Turillo, Elizabeth Henning, Jamie Gillette, Kelsey Coleman, Leigh Ann Rodgers, Maggie Ryng, Megan Broomhead, Rachel Warner, Stella Hackman and Tori Martin. Great job, ladies!


And, kudos to another group of islander ladies. The St. Mark girls' basketball team showed up at the New England CYO championship playoffs in Boston two weekends ago and promptly did away with Vermont's champion, St. Francis Xavier.

However, the St. Mark 10game winning streak came to an end when the team was upended by undefeated Corpus Christi of Hartford, Conn.

Congratulations to Kelly Scully, Eloise Heath, Claire Sampson, Allison Smith, Katie Bednarczyk, Caroline O'Connor, Mary O'Connor, Kellie Brown, Hannah Farrelly, Danielle Perez, Sarah Crowell, and coach Kevin O'Connor. Ya made us proud.


Tickets are now on sale for Boy Scout Troop 1's annual Pasta Supper. You won't want to miss this one. Mark your calendars for May 6 from 5 to 8 p.m. at St. Matthew's church.


We hear Wendy Rafferty is the new poster girl at the Jamestown Fitness Center. She's lost 50 pounds and counting. WHEW! Hugs, please.


Barbara-Ann MacIntosh came up with last week's lyrics. "Nobody wants you when you're old and gray, there'll be some changes made!"

She also bailed us out with identifying Gildersleeve. Actually we think he was called the Great Gildersleeve. "He was from the old Fibber McGee and Molly show. He was Fibber's friend." Thanks Barbara-Ann.


Shouldn't baseball's Opening Day actually be Opening Night?


Tonight is the Grass Moon.

Today is the day in 1743 that Thomas Jefferson was born.

Next Wednesday is the date the Revolutionary War began in 1775.

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