2006-04-20 / Letters to the Editor

Lyme disease talk helped islanders

On April 11, Mr. Thomas Forschner of the Lyme Disease Foundation presented a great lecture on Lyme disease at the Jamestown library. The 50 or so Jamestown residents there were able to ask many interesting questions and get some accurate answers. The bottom line is that there is no current cure or vaccine for Lyme disease, that prevention is the best medicine, and we all need to be vigilant in taking steps to reduce the number of ticks in our lives.

This past week the Jamestown Press included a Lyme disease brochure in each paper. Please read this carefully and keep it for reference. All of us in Jamestown are at risk for this disease, but there are steps we can take to lessen our chances of getting Lyme. The Jamestown Town Council graciously paid for these brochures for each resident, and the Jamestown Press gave a great rate for inserting them into each paper.

Also, the Humane Society of Jamestown continues to strive for ways to live peacefully with the wildlife on this island. So thanks to all in this important effort. The site for the Lyme Disease Foundation is www.lyme.org. Please consider supporting this very worthwhile non-profit organization as it strives to find a way to accurately diagnose and cure this disease. Other helpful sites are: www.caes.state.ct.us for a free downloadable guide to landscaping techniques and the use of pesticides, as well as the CDC Web site: www.cdc.gov.org.

Thanks to all who helped on this venture.

Nancy Crawford,


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