2006-04-27 / Letters to the Editor

Going to miss the old bridge

I disagree with everything I heard on the 11 o'clock news last night.

I was visiting Jamestown on Easter Sunday, and while crossing the "new" bridge, I looked over with much nostalgia at the good times spent visiting friends after crossing the creaky, and, yes, sometimes shaky, Jamestown bridge. We always made it though, and we always had fun.

If it couldn't be made safe (and I doubt that it couldn't; we've put men on the moon for God's sake), then why not leave it, and its memories, right where it's always been?

Eyesore? I think not. Nostalgia? Now you're talkin'. Spend the money it takes to demolish a landmark on something positive for your beautiful town. As for the bridge - I'm going to miss it. Will somebody do away with you when you get old, shaky, and not useful?

Maria Maynard


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