2006-04-27 / News

Planning Commission approves site plan for additional water treatment building

By Michaela Kennedy

The Planning Commission voted last week to recommend approval of a development plan to construct a new water treatment plant on North Main Road.

At its April 19 meeting, the commission also reviewed the town's request for qualifications for hiring a consultant to develop commercial district design guidelines. No motion was made on the review.

Public Works Director Steven Goslee gave a presentation on the proposed water treatment building at the existing site of the water treatment plant located across from Marsh Meadows.

According to Goslee, the facility on North Main Road is in a "Public Zone" that requires a special use permit for the proposed plant.

Goslee gave the commission a handout that noted the size and location of the building, as well as proposed technology that will be used for the water treatment. Due to wetland areas and flood plain elevation, the 50by 50-foot construction would be restricted to the area north of the existing building, according to the state Coastal Resources and Management Council.

Goslee pointed out that membrane filtration technology could meet all of the water treatment goals and reduce the amount of water wasted, as compared to the existing treatment process.

He said that the proposed technology came from results of pilot testing on the North and South pond reservoirs with an ultrafiltration membrane treatment system from Zenon Environmental, a developer for water and wastewater treatment technologies.

Commission members reacted positively to the proposal, and praised the architectural plan, which is similar to the existing building.

The commissioners agreed, however, that a pitched roof would be beneficial. The commission also agreed to send a recommendation of approval of the project to the Zoning Board of Review.

The commission went on to discuss a draft of the town's request for qualifications for a consultant who would assist in a general update of the town's Zoning Ordinance and develop "commercial district" design guidelines for the town.

According to the request, the town currently has no design guidelines in the ordinance, only general guidelines that apply to the commercial districts.

"Development of more specific architectural guidelines will assist developers in knowing what the town desires . . . within its commercial and public districts," the ordinance says.

The request includes an overview of the island's setting and commercial zoning, as found in the town's state-mandated Comprehensive Community Plan.

The request also includes the scope of work that would be expected of the consultant, outlining a detailed proposal that applicants would be required to submit.

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