2006-04-27 / News

By Barbara Szepatowski
Last chance for dog license No. 1! Has your dog been

begging you for the No. 1 dog license in Jamestown?

Well, on Friday, April 28, at noon is the deadline for making your donation count towards acquiring that sought after tag. The largest donation received from a dog owner during the month of April will have the honor of wearing this prestigious tag during the 2006-2007 license season.

If your pet is already licensed, tag No. 1 will be transferred to your dog, and off they will head for a year of celebrity spotlights and public appearances. Truth being said, they'll at least get a free ticket to the Doggie Ball in July and front row seating at the opening of the shelter. And odd as it may be, most of the donations received this month have come from cat owners. So, acquiring this tag will not be hard. Please call us at 423-9677 to make your last minute donation.

And a note for all procrastinators, the end of the day on Friday, April 28, is also the last time you can license your dog for this year without paying the $25 late fee.

Shelter update

After months of planning and hype, Saturday, May 6, is the kickoff day for the start of the Jamestown Animal Shelter building repairs. Plans for next weekend include having the roofing contractors install the skylights and reshingle the roof, applying the first coat of paint to the outside of the building, erecting the fence behind the building, and starting some of the basic landscaping.

Volunteers are needed for painting, fence installation, and landscaping. We are also in need of donations for roofing, painting, and landscaping materials.

The groundbreaking, so to speak, will start after Jamestown's "opening day" baseball festivities are completed. We love that parade and wouldn't miss it for anything. Of course, if Mother Nature benefits the island with rain next weekend, the kickoff will be postponed until May 13. Based on the planned construction schedule, the shelter will be completed in late June.

Stranded porpoise update

The porpoise found on April 7 on the beach at Fort Getty is alive and recovering. Photos and videos of the 53-pound male can be viewed on the Riverhead Foundation's Web site at www.RivereheadFoundation.org.

After a day of stabilization, observations, and medical testing, the animal was transported April 9 from the Mystic Aquarium and Institute of Exploration to the Riverhead Foundation, in Riverhead, N.Y., as part of the Northeast Region Stranding Network Program. The Cross Island Ferry, which operates from New London, Conn., to Southold, N.Y., on Long Island, provided space for Mystic Aquarium's truck to transport the porpoise to the rehabilitation facility.

The April 24 entry on the Riverhead Foundation's Web site states, "This morning the "Riverhead Foundation" staff performed another routine physical examination of the porpoise. The biologists weighed the animal, which showed a 7 pound weight gain over the last 12 days, collected a blood sample, and took a blowhole culture. Dr. Rich Hanusch, the Riverhead Foundation veterinarian, examined the animal and determined that the previously observed skin lesions are healing well and do not show any indication of an infection."

The Jamestown porpoise has been eating on its own since before April 17, so hopefully he will have a full recovery. Rehabilitation generally takes 60 to 90 days, or more if the animal is really young or old.

Thank you to all who worked so hard to help save this animal's life. We have requested notification on when and where he will be released. Both the Mystic Aquarium and Riverhead Foundation are accepting donations for the care of our porpoise.

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