2006-05-04 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to ball field volunteers

Jamestown Baseball Association's annual Green-Up Day was a tremendous success this past Saturday. We had approximately 50 volunteers comprised of players, coaches, parents, teens, and committee members helping out.

Through this co-ordinated effort, we were able to accomplish a multitude of things such as: filling in many low spots around the major league and softball fields, grooming the Melrose field, doing some grooming on the middle school field, building up the major league pitcher's mound, straightening out and painting the leftfield foul pole, rake the basepaths, pick up trash, place brand new recycle receptacles on all the fields, relocating and leveling the major league bleachers, cleaning out and re-shelving the equipment shed, totally scrubbing the concession stand, painting the inside of the concession stand, painting the inside of the bathroom, and completing some hardware repairs in the concession stand.

I'd like to thank all of those volunteers who were there, and they know who they are. In addition, I'd like to thank some other folks who helped us by donating equipment or supplies: Ken Gladding, Island Rubbish Service, and Burke Realty. Special thanks to Melissa Minto and the teens for their tremendous help.

Our next major work item will be the installation of our new wireless electronic scoreboard (due in any day now), which is being supported by the Jamestown Lions. We thank them wholeheartedly for their support. I hope many Jamestowners can attend and support them.

Jamestown baseball is extremely grateful to the Jamestown community and the way it comes together to pitch in and help. We are anxiously looking forward to the upcoming season.

Thank you all.

Tony Rafanelli,

president, Jamestown Baseball


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