2006-05-04 / News

Next bridge explosion May 16

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation has announced as the target date for a possible combined detonation of the deck trusses and supporting piers of the old Jamestown Bridge.

During this second major detonation, the controlled explosives will remove approximately 1,600 feet of the two deck trusses stretching 800 feet on either side of the gap left from the removal of the center bridge span. The demolition of the top 50 feet of the central supporting piers will be detonated simultaneously if all goes as planned.

Cashman Equipment Company of Boston, the general contractor in charge of the project, will make the decision for the combined blast 24 hours before detonation day. Cashman's decision will be based on the progress and timetable of DemTech, Inc., of DuBois, Wyo., the demolition company subcontracted to plant and detonate the explosives, said DOT Director James R. Capaldi.

The new bridge will be closed for up to four hours starting at 10 a.m. on the day of the event. If the detonation goes as planned, the detonation should take place shortly after 10 a.m.

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