2006-05-11 / Letters to the Editor

Siegmund, lawyer respond

Ed. note: This letter was copied to the Jamestown Press.

Dear Mr. Keiser,

I find your comment that the award was based on a technicality and not on the evaluation of the town's claims about the quality of the workmanship of my firm to be outrageous and defamatory. For years, every opportunity to besmirch my name was taken advantage of by (Town) Council members and others with (a) vested interest, and it is indeed disappointing that you have joined them. To call the total humiliation of the town as a "draw" is pathetic.

You know nothing of the case. You have not attended any of the arbitration meetings. You have probably not read any of the transcripts, but that does not seem to prevent you from casting aspersions on me and my firm. You should be ashamed!

I demand an apology in the same manner as your comment was -in the Press.

Laszlo Siegmund

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