2006-05-11 / Letters to the Editor

Baseball league grateful

Jamestown Baseball along with Jamestown Softball conducted its annual opening day ceremonies last Saturday, and as I mentioned at the ceremony, I thank all of those organizations who helped make the event a success, i.e. the Jamestown recreation department and Ron Parfitt of public works department, the Jamestown Community Band, the Jamestown Baseball volunteers, the Jamestown Fire Department, and the Jamestown Police Department. And, I want to thank the Barber family for all of their pre-ceremony preparation help.

I also need to apologize to the Jamestown Rotary Club because in my letter last week, I erroneously referred to another organization regarding support of our new scoreboard. It is the Jamestown Rotary Club who has funded our new scoreboard and Jamestown Baseball truly appreciates the club's generosity.

Special gratitude is extended to all of Jamestown Baseball's sponsors and, this year. Special thanks to the Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Fund for sponsoring our 13to 15year-old Babe Ruth team this year. The team is known as Jamestown Ali's Run and will make Jamestown proud in the Newport Babe Ruth League.

Finally, the annual Pitch, Hit, and Run Competition was another great success, and thanks to Keith Anderson for his hard work in directing and co-ordinating the event.

Here's to a safe and fun-filled season. Play ball! Tony Rafanelli, president,

Jamestown Baseball


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