2006-05-11 / Letters to the Editor

Dear birders:

Thanks for your participation in the 22st annual Spring Bird Count on May 6. The total so far is 97 species. Since Chris and I are are leaving on vacation for two weeks tomorrow, I have only included what I have received so far. More may be added later. Numbers were down, but we know the count is early this year. Weather was warm, sunny, in the 70s. By noon the count was 96, but Wayne Munns added a purple finch in the afternoon. There is come uncertainty as to the identification of a hawk nesting in the Conanicut Island Sanctuary - goshawk or Cooper's. We will address this later, when we return. The complete list is attached to this letter.

Field observers were Jane Toll, Marci Lindsay, Rick and Suzanne Enser, Wayne Munns, B. J. Whitehouse, Mary Alice Smith, Sarah Young, Mark Baker, Carol Trocki, Sandra Trocki, Jim Myers, Ed Dettmann, Steve Moreau, Mark Baker, and Chris and Candy Powell. Reporting in from home was Karen Osenton.

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you for the Christmas count. Please report interesting sightings to me, 4231492, or Evelyn Rhodes, 4231254

Candy Powell,


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