2006-05-11 / News

Volunteer time with a child

Child & Family Services is looking for volunteers to spend time with some of the youth who live in agency group homes or in their own homes.

These young people are looking for someone who cares and wants to "hang out" with them.

There are two girls, ages 15 and 16, who like to do all the typical teenage activities but have no adult to go places with them. They need a female role model who would be available on a regular basis for at least a year.

There are also three teenage boys who need to be matched up with male volunteers. Two are very athletic and one enjoys playing video games. One lives in his own home with his grandmother and would love to go fishing.

There is also a 7-year-old, living with his mother who needs a male role model and three boys, 6, 10, and 11, who are in Child & Family Services group home. All like age-typical activities and do not have family able to visit them.

CFS staff feels that all of these youths would thrive with attention from volunteers who could focus on them and share in fun activities. Both an interview and fingerprinting are required. An introduction to the child will be arranged before any match is finalized. Staff is always available to provide direction and answer questions. For more information, contact the Volunteer Office at 848-4210.

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