2006-05-18 / Editorial


Sunshine returns to

dry out Jamestown

After what has seemed like endless days of rain, rain, and more rain, the sun has returned to shine over Jamestown.

The rain ended in time for the demolition crew to prepare for the second blast on the old Jamestown Bridge, which is scheduled for today.

Before the deluge, island gardeners were complaining about the lack of rain. That no longer appears to be a problem. Our reservoirs should be brimming just in time for summer.

Let's just hope that we didn't receive our summer allotment of rain all at once.

The latest news from


The most recent report from Webtrends shows that activity at www.JamestownPress.com is growing at a phenomenal rate.

During the month of April there were 281,008 hits at this newspaper's Web site. That's 9,322 hits per day, of which 5,102 daily were to the Jamestown Press home page.

The report further notes that there were 123,060 page views in April, or 4,121 per day.

What is most interesting is that Webtrends reports during April visitors to www.JamestownPress.com were spending an average of 10 minutes per session at our Web site. Clearly, people are reading the Press stories and advertising online!

This latest report is good news for Press advertisers. Each week the entire print version of the Jamestown Press is placed online, including all display advertising and classifieds. Those display advertisers who include their Web addresses in their ads are provided with an online link to their Web sites.

Visit www.JamestownPress.com.

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