2006-05-18 / Front Page

Waterline project phase two begins

Now that the new Narragansett Avenue waterline has been run from East Ferry to the corner of North Main Road, phase two of the project is scheduled to begin this week.

C.B. Utility Company of Bristol began work Tuesday to connect all businesses and residential units to the new line.

"This is the more difficult phase" of the project, said Ed O'Brien of C.B. Utility, who explained that the new waterline would have to be connected to the existing lines coming off the side streets. Water service would then be transferred from the old water main to the new one. The streets from Conanicus Avenue to Grinnell Street will be done first, said O'Brien.

The difficulty is that there are many more holes to be dug, "one for each building," O'Brien said.

He added that there may be some challenges, especially with older pipes, in finding the right couplings to make the connections.

"Barring any unforeseen circumstances," there should not be any interruption in water service during the connection of the water main to those coming off the side streets, O'Brien said. There would be a brief interruption in service to individual buildings as each is connected to the new line, he added.

O'Brien said that the hole will be dug outside each building first, then either a member of the town highway department or C.B. Utility will knock on the door and ask the occupant if it would be okay to turn off the water. "It should be only 10 or 15 minutes" shut-off time per building, O'Brien said, adding, "We won't turn off the water until we are sure it won't cause any problems."

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