2006-05-18 / Letters to the Editor


The Rocket Dawgz are working hard to blow up your money. We have secured July 4 for our annual Fourth of July shoot. We hope to set off the display at Mackerel Cove, pending all governmental agency approvals. We have always stated simply (it has to be simple, we're not that smart) that "if you give us money, we'll blow it up." In the first 10 years of Dawg mania, we have blown up $100,100.00 of your hardearned cash to celebrate our nation's independence. This year, we will celebrate as we have in the past. However, be apprised that the display can only be spectacular if you send us your donations. It is the people of Jamestown and friends who have sponsored the fireworks each year, and each year we have been able to blow up more and more. We are way behind last year's pace, but thanks to all of you who have sent in your donations this year and all the years past. We want to do our community proud, and we hope to see you all on the Fourth . Please send your donation to: Fireworks Fund, PO Box 1776, Jamestown, RI 02835. Ka-boom! Check us out online at: www.jamestownri.com/fire works. See you soon!

BJ Whitehouse,

Rocket Dawg

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