2006-05-18 / News

Gas prices prompt letter-writing campaign

Lt. Governor Charlie Fogarty is urging Rhode Islanders to sign an online letter to President Bush urging him to direct Congress to pass legislation that caps corporate oil profits and repeals tax breaks given to them at the expense of consumers.

The Lt. Governor decided to organize an online letter after hearing stories of working families and small business owners who have been negatively impacted by fluctuating gas prices.

Fogarty said, "Corporate oil profits are at a record high, while middle class families and small businesses are struggling to absorb the higher price of gas. We need Washington to tackle this problem now. It is poor public policy to allow special interests with high-powered lobbyists to benefit at the expense of working families and small businesses who drive the economy. I encourage every Rhode Islander to join me and thousands of Americans who have already made their voices heard on this issue."

Access the online letter at www.ri.gov/LTGOV/gasprices/.

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